RUBIS the Company Swiss Manufacture:

Rubis® tweezers are the ultimate luxury beauty item, offering the utmost Swiss-precision. Crafted with superior calibrated tension and perfectly aligned tips that close evenly and firmly for advanced pulling power, you can grip even the smallest of hairs for a professional, airbrushed finish. Rubis® cosmetic tweezers are considered to be the “best of the best” (Vogue), and the “Ferrari of cosmetic tweezers” (Bobbi Brown). All of our products are made by hand from the best steel, consistent with all the rules of traditional craftsmanship. And during all processes, our products are repeatedly tested and controlled, so that no product leaves our manufacturing facilities without meeting the very highest standards. It is this desire for perfection that can be sensed in every one of our products - including our tweezers! Our Craftsmen have the knowledge and experience to achieve excellent results in their specialized areas. When it’s a matter of the utmost accuracy and care, they allow themselves the time that is needed - for example, when putting the final touches on the tweezers tips. Our passion for quality reflects our quest to preserve Swiss craftsmanship and, at the same to, to combine this with state-of-the-art technology.

Fides Baldesberger:
Founder of the Rubis® brand, Fides Baldesberger worked for a dealer at the diamond exchange in Antwerp. Later, she imported precious gemstones from India to Switzerland. When her father died, she travelled to Ticino to settle part of the estate involving a small tweezers company, in which her father had a stake.

The company was called Rubis®. She discovered that the name stemmed from the tiny rubies that were inserted with tweezers into watch mechanisms at Rolex and other renowned Swiss watch brands. The fine tweezers used for that purpose were produced at Rubis® - and they were the very finest available. Fides Baldesberger recognised that Rubis® itself had the potential to become a little gem: With great passion and dedication and in a short period of time, she developed new products, improved the efficiency of the workshop, built a new factory and located new markets. With no quality tweezers in the cosmetics area, Rubis® produced the perfect ones. Their know-how allowed them to launch a product onto the market that finally complied with what women were looking for. Steel - that hard, industrial material - was to take on a more feminine touch; and precision was to play a major role in the cosmetics and beauty world. And so she designed the first Rubis® cosmetic tweezers, making use of a timelessly beautiful, classical language of form. Straight-forward, simple and unpretentious. These won her many customers, then numerous awards and international honours. Fides Baldesberger, twice voted Businesswoman of the Year in Switzerland, created a design icon, travelled the world to present her tweezers and managed to turn the company into a globally-successful manufacturer of precision tweezers.

The Process: 
Around 40 tonnes of only the very best high-grade steel are used yearly in Rubis®’ manufacturing process. It must not only be rust-proof, it cannot weaken, as this would cause the tweezers to lose their tension; and they must also be acid-proof, so that they can be sterilised without a problem. The quality of the steel is decisive for that of the finished product. Because only when the steel itself is produced with the greatest possible care, does it ultimately yield the grade required to manufacture fine precision instruments. Rolled up like a snake, it arrives in coils at the plant where it is rolled out, formed and processed. This is where it is then transformed into tweezers or scissors. It is from this hard material that Rubis® creates its gentle, rounded forms - the classic Rubis® design.

Rubis® Philosophy:
Rubis®, an internationally renowned premium brand. Rubis® has established itself as a brand with an excellent image thanks to years of continuous brand management. It remains important, however, to prove every day that consumers are right to place their trust in this premium brand. Time and again, the pioneering spirit behind Rubis® produces market-leading innovations. Thanks to the entrepreneurial skill and long-term vision of Fides Baldesberger, Rubis® has developed into a modern, internationally leading manufacturer of cosmetic precision tweezers. Make-up artists such as Bobbi Brown (USA), Fred Hamelten (Norway) and Wingie (Lancôme Hong Kong) as well as renowned international companies including Estée Lauder and MAC swear by our products. Using its own workshop, Rubis® is able to meet high expectations and create an individual and creative signature product. In this workshop, we manually design and handcraft the products that are then later produced with the help of our machines.

Made in Switzerland:
There are a few things which are really important to us Swiss. And which explains why one can sense them in our products, Precision for example. The typical Swiss desire to design everything with the utmost meticulousness, right down to the last detail; the perfectionism that drives us to not give up before everything is exactly as it should be. This is simply an integral part of our makeup. We attach great importance to things that are long-lasting. So long, ideally, that they can be passed on from one generation to the next. That’s how we build our houses, knives, watches, bags - and our tweezers. And which is why we don’t like any unnecessary odds and ends, but rather straight-forward, timeless functional forms, without extra frills.

“Luxury, from the heart. Superficial luxury and the times of overstatement are over. Instead, there is a new luxury that focuses on the value of things. I call it sincere luxury. People want things that aren’t more inflated than they really are. It is an unhurried luxury, without shortcuts and sensationalism. And this is how I see our tweezers: Because they are the realisation of the best that a pair of tweezers can be. Thought through right down to the last detail, without compromising on materials or workmanship, in a timeless design that sidesteps all fashionable and short-lived trends. This return to real value is what I consider to be today’s luxury.” Fides Baldesberger.