Founded in 1989, Eurofeedback (EFB) has progressively specialized in designing and manufacturing products for the aerospace industry (NASA) for control tubes, especially pulsed light tubes. By creating a very active research and development sector, the French company diversified its activities by producing pulsed lighting equipment for a variety of markets such as ink or fast-drying paint, disinfection and phototherapy for the aesthetics and medical fields.The company has been certified according to the ISO 9001 standard since 1999 and is also certified according to the specifications of the European Directive 93/42 / CEE for the production of medica equipment ISO 13485.

As a leader in the design and manufacture of pulsed light (IPL) equipment for OEM, Eurofeedback launched the first models with its own brand in 2001.

2009, Eurofeedback became an active member of the “Union des Marques du Matériel (UMM)” and is actively involved in the development of technical equipment standards applied to advanced beauty and wellness technologies.

2010, Eurofeedback created the subsidiary Eledis Innovation to distribute IPL worldwide.


2011, the creation of the EFB beauté® brand grouped the range of IPL devices manufactured by Eurofeedback, especially in the field of beauty and medicine. In 2011, Eurofeedback achieved the award for the greatest international success.

2012, EFB had accumulated 17 registered patents in the field of pulsed light. The IPL devices designed and manufactured at their factory in EVRY (France) have boosted the company amongst the top IPL manufacturers worldwide.


2013, EFB beauté® progressive innovation launched a series of user-friendly IPL devices with LCD screens that offer built-in CRM software for customer tracking and user statistics.


2015, the release of RAFALE RHR technology allows and offers PAINLESS hair removal on sensitive or tanned skin, to remove dark hairs even after sunbathing or sun exposure and at any time of the year including the summer months with a low cost flash (handle with up to 1 million flashes).


EFB has demonstrated its know-how for customers in diverse business areas such as the medical sector and the beauty trade. The reputation of EFB IPL equipment is recognized worldwide.


Among the company's many achievements, EFB has the global exclusivity for permanent removal of white and blonde hairs by photo-epilation that could not previously be destroyed by pulsed light. EFB's research and development team is exploring new technologies to ensure even better performance and quality for its products.



The work of the EFB's Research and Development Department has led to the submission of 15 patents for pulsed light. This technology is currently used in every model EFB beauté® device.

(*) Note: The copy or falsification / imitation of official patents is imposed with a sentence of 3 years imprisonment and a fine of 300,000 euros.


Some examples of EFB patents:

Patent for hair removal of white and blonde hair:

The standard procedure for photo-epilation does not effectively remove white and blonde hairs because they do not absorb light. For this reason, new technology was developed and tested clinically by EFB in 2004, then patented (*) in 2005. This patent protected technology , is intended exclusively for operators of EFB Beauté® equipment. (*).


Patented system that regulates energy levels to ensure a constant power level from the first to the last flash.


Patented absorbent optical filter for maximum performance and stable security.


Patented handle that ensures energy levels, safety and ease of use throughout all applications. All operators are certified after training by EFB instructors.


The specialized research analysis of EFB scientists have provided excellent progress in minimum time and as a result EFB has achieved the highest medical certifications. The tests and techniques used, allow EFB to maintain a significant technological advantage in the market. EFB beauté® technology, which allows the epilation of white and blonde hair, is developed in the following ranges for the medical and cosmetic beauty industry:


Anthelia® LEXAN NG2

Anthelia® NG2 LCD R A F A L 🆕 🆕

Adena® LCD NG2


Treatments with EFB devices:

▪️Photo-epilation of white and blonde hairs.(certified patent since 2007)

▪️Photo-epilation of vellus hair.


▪️Acne scars

▪️Broken Capillaries


▪️Skin Rejuvenation

▪️Anti aging and skin renewal

▪️Pigmentation spots

▪️Aging spots




Since 2014, Spatium Trading LTD in collaboration with EUROFEEDBACK has been operating much like a bank, offering INTEREST FREE financial packages from € 250 / month for the professional development and evolution of your business. We work closely with our customers, providing innovative but also flexible financial packages to ensure financing WITHOUT GUARANTORS AND BANK LOANS. Brand new devices can be leased to ownership with a 5 year contract and a written guarantee for FREE service and maintenance. The handles for all devices have a LIFETIME WARRANTY.


Impressively, all EFB® medical IPL systems are equipped with 18 certified patents. They meet all European standards for CE MEDICAL DEVICES 93/42 / CEE, CE, ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 (quality standards) and are entirely manufactured in France.



All EFB finance packages come with free promotion and information packs, social media support (professional page creation and social media management), training (theory and practice), and a written examination with certification for a 70% + score, PLUS FREE BUSINESS COACHING.